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Interstellar Mushrooms, Red Goni Frags,Reef Wrasses and Tangs!!

We hope everyone had a great Halloween! This week we have already received a great looking shipment with some perfect looking Kole Tangs, a fish we have not had in a little while, and a bunch of other goodies! We do have a large shipment coming in Friday early afternoon so added to the great looking stock we already have, we should be full of awesome livestock!

We do have a first with Interstellar mushrooms this week, and they are even nicer than we thought they would be! These are Aussie mushrooms and compared to $120.00+ per polyp online, the price is great! We are also offering Red Goniopora frags for the first time in a long time! These are Aussie as well and looking great!

Fish wise we do have a fun mix this week with some animals we do not see too often showing up, and some old standards in great supply! All locations are shipping well with the more mild temperatures so overall the selection and quality is pretty awesome right now!

Have a great weekend, and as always, we hope to see you!

Ocean Nutrition Flake
25% Off
The most popular flake food we sell. Sometimes life is busy and an easy feed is all we need!
150mL $5.00
A great detoxifier that no aquarist should be without! As good as Prime, just a little stronger!
Algagen Live Feed
25% Off
Looking great this week! Live PODS and phyto, yummy!
$7.50 Portion
We actually have plenty this week, for the first time in a long time!
A nice selection with price range between $5-20.00 per polyp! Always popular, and on BOGO maybe it is time to start that Acan garden!
Designer Zoas
$5.00 Per Polyp
Buy 2 Get One Free
Great selection of awesome cultured zoas! These were a great treat!
$10.00 Frags
Two distinct styles to choose from, both super nice!
Starburst Cap
Limited but very nice! Great grower with awesome polyp color!
Aussie Red Goni
$15.00 Frags
It has been a while since we have had affordable red Goniopora! Nice pieces that should grow great!
Cultured Frogspawn
$20.00 Per Polyp
Very nice with larger than average heads for cultured pieces!
Interstellar Mushroom
Small $30.00 Per Polyp
M-L $40.00 Per Polyp
A first here and something a little different! Very nice! Awesome Aussie shrooms!
Astrea or Blue Leg
10 for $5.00
The basic cleaners that are still some of the most popular!
Margarita or Red Leg
10 for $7.50
A little larger hermit and a snail that is a little better at turning itself over if it falls in the sand!
Mexican Turbo
Coming in Friday, these should be good size, last week they were on the small side.
Large Nassarius Snail
Great sand sifters and always popular! Zombie snails!
Emerald Crab
Coming in Friday, great algae eaters and highly recommended!
Flame Scallop
Always popular and always bright! Filter feeders that do need filter foods!
Pencil Urchin
Great algae eaters that are usually well behaved!
Peppermint Shrimp
Limited but we are hoping to get more in Friday. Great for Aiptasia control.
Sand Sifting Starfish
Great nutrient recyclers and do a great job moving the sand around!
Fire Fish
A fan favorite! Great for smaller aquariums and will school readily! Can mix with other species of firefish!
T.R. Ocellaris
Small $8.00
Medium $10.00
Great stock and always hardy! Nemo and friends!
Royal Gramma
Always a popular reef fish! Beautiful and well behaved but usually do not like each other.
Yellow Watchman Goby
A very popular fish and a ton of fun to watch when paired with a pistol shrimp!
Green Filefish
Very nice green this week and a hardy and cool fish!
Bicolor Blenny
From Sri Lanka and always nice from that location! Great personality!
Mandarin Goby
These have been looking great the last few weeks! Remember they like live food and a mature aquarium!
Sixline Wrasse
The most popular reef picking wrasse, great for all kinds of little nasties!
Great for hair algae and always in demand!
Red Fromia Starfish
Great reef starfish, but like all starfish, you need to acclimate slowly!
L Black Saddle Clown
Large and in charge this week! These guys will go in just about any anemone!
Social Wrasse
A great reef wrasse that is colorful, polite, and active! Great size for smaller aquariums!
Lubbock’s Wrasse
Also called rainbow wrasse, these guys have a ton of color and are awesome in reefs!
Small Sailfin Tang
One of the hardiest and well behaved tangs, easy to recommend!
Tribal Blenny
Good size this week but not too big! Awesome personality like most blennies, and when happy you can see the cool tattoo patterns!
T.R. Panther Grouper
Awesome little guys that grow up fast! Great price!
Female Lyretail Anthia
The most popular anthia and considered the hardiest. They do love food so don’t be shy feeding them!
Purple Firefish
It has been too long since we have had these awesome guys on special! They will school with regular firefish too!
Cleaner Shrimp
We ran out of these guys pretty quick last week. Useful and perfectly reef safe, always a great addition!
Diamond Goby
These guys have been running great size lately! Awesome shovelers!
Mimic Tang
Another great fish we have not had on special lately. Awesome algae eaters and a hardier tang.
Fire Shrimp
Bright and large, a great addition to any reef aquarium!
Bubble Tip Anemone
These have been running great the last few weeks with great size and color!
Solar Wrasse
These have just been too pretty to say no to, and we are selling out every week. Awesome size and color!
A really cool fish we do not see often! They get pretty large and are super active swimmers!
These have been running the perfect small medium size! From Bali and great algae eaters!
Dragon Wrasse
An awesome fish and these are really nice Hawaiian ones with great color!
Midas Blenny
One of the most personable fish and always a favorite! As time goes on, these guys get to know you and act like a begging puppy!
Black Cap Basslet
Only a couple coming in Friday, but these are beautiful and great reef citizens!
Kole Tang
We got as many as we could this week, but we just have not been seeing these with any regularity! Perfect looking batch!
Blue Assessor
An awesome little Aussie basslet that we have only had 3-4 times in the last 12 years. Cool! Does not get nasty like dottybacks.
Yellow Belly Hippo
Looking, eating, and doing great!
Golden Angel
A fish we do not see often. Secretive and gorgeous!

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