Tank Raised Corals, Hawaiian Fish Galore and Tons of Awesome Livestock!!

This week we have a great looking specials list with fish from all over the world and a lot of tank raised corals! Hawaii fish will be coming in Friday and holy cow, this is a ton of great quality fish we haven’t seen in a while! We are stoked to have yellow tangs, flame angels, Potter’s Angels, Kole tangs, 4 line wrasse, and Hawaiian puffers back in stock! We did receive some very nice Indonesian, Sri Lankan, and Haitian livestock earlier in the week and it is looking great! Our last shipment this Friday will have tons of great stuff!

As many of you know there is a ban on Indonesian corals (which account for 80% of our regular coral stock) and we have been trying to keep it interesting in their absence. We would like to ask that if you have any corals that are growing too large or would like to free up real estate for other species of corals to please call and ask about our trade-in program! We tried it at the Maryland store and it had great results! Please do not just show up with coral, but if you call ahead on Friday or Saturday we can plan on meeting with you and discuss what you have! Indonesian coral should be available soon and we have been seeing a lot of nice pictures coming from the holding facilities so why not stock up a little credit for when that beautiful livestock starts coming back in!

Have a great weekend and as always, we hope to see you!

Fintastic Jugs
20% Off
The easiest way to do water changes! Very durable and and can easily be vented and includes a vent cap.
Battery Power Air Pump
These are the “smart” ones that plug into the wall and only come on when they sense a power failure! A real life saver!
Life Rock Shapes
$5.00 lb
$100.00 Case
An incredible product that has really changed the face of reefing, literally. A large shipment coming in Friday afternoon!
Neon Green Digi
$5-10.00 Frags
A beautiful Monti that is rather hardy and a great grower!
Premium Yuma
$5.00 and Up
These are really nice! The $5.00 ones are tiny but they grow great in dim light. The larger ones are up to show size!
Purple Deaths
$5.00 Per Polyp
It has been a while since we have had these awesome palys at the shop! A personal favorite!
Green Star Polyps
$10.00 Frags
An oldie but a goodie! Great growers that are always popular!
Orange Echinata
$10.00 Frags
It has been a very long time since we have had these! One of the brightest and easiest orange corals available!
Neon Candy Coral
$10.00 Frags
Another classic coral that grows awesome and has great color!
Assorted Mushrooms
$10.00 and Up
A nice mix of some odd ones and the old favorites like reds and purples!
Bicolor Hammer Coral
$15.00 Per Polyp
Tank raised and looking great! An interesting color morph we do not get too
Astrea or Blue Leg
10 for $5.00
The backbone of most clean up crews!
Margarita or Red Leg
10 for $7.50
A little larger hermit and a snail that is better at turning itself over!
Large Mexican Turbo
Big guys this week! Awesome algae eaters and the big guys can really mow!
Emerald Crab
Great for picking away algae problems! Limited.
Peppermint Shrimp
We were shorted these last week but have a large batch coming in Friday, confirmed.
Porcelain Crab
A cool little filter feeder that is 100% reef safe!
Feather Duster
A great looking batch this week with plenty to choose from!
Sand Sifting Starfish
A passive way to help keep the sand clean!
Everyone’s favorite polite splash of color! Social and will hang out in groups!
Condy Anemone
Pretty and inexpensive! Great looking batch from Haitai.
Yellow Cucumber
A great reef critter that is pretty lazy but usually pretty noticeable because of the bright color! Very hardy!
T.R. Ocellaris
Small $8.00
Medium $10.00
Nemo and friends have never looked better! Awesome quality!
Yellow Gorgonian
It has been a while since we have had these on special and we have had a lot of requests!
Pink Skunk Clown
One of the more peaceful clownfish, and great for hosting anemones as they will almost always host!
Bicolor Blenny
A great fish that stays smaller and is great in reef aquariums!
Mandarin Goby
Nice looking batch of mediums. Do best in tanks with plenty of natural foods!
Red Perch Blenny
Very similar to hawkfish in both temperament and behavior, comical little guys! They always look grumpy to me.
Pearly Jawfish
A beautiful looking batch from Haitai! An awesome fish that is a star in any aquarium! Talk about funny!
Like a Hoover with with hair algae, these guys are best brought back once they have cleaned up the aquarium!
Pygmy Angel
One of the most safe dwarf angels in reef aquariums, and they stay pretty small for nanos!
Ruby Red Dragonet
These went pretty fast last time we had them! Great little fish that do best in a well established reef.
Convict Tang
A really cool tang that is great for algae control and something a little different for sure! Limited.
T.R. Panther Grouper
A few of these guys this week. They grow fast and look great!
Purple Firefish
Great size this week and looking and eating great! Can be mixed with regular firefish!
Mimic Tang
A great algae eating tang and usually pretty polite.
Diamond Goby
The most popular sand sifting goby! Great in reefs!
Cleaner Shrimp
Always good size and always looking great!
Fire Shrimp
Larger than usual this week! From Sri Lanka and a great reef animal!
Ultra Neon Flower Anemones
These are REALLY nice for the price! Good size and awesome color!
Large Frostbite Clowns
Very nice and great size, each is a little different!
Running in the smaller medium size, popular and great algae eaters!
Hawaiian Puffer
A different looking relative of the Valentine, only from Hawaii. Much more color in the face!
Midas Blenny
Always a popular fish that has a huge personality! Limited this week.
Small Carpet Anemone
We never see these this small! Awesome and a great size for tight spots!
Black Cap Basslet
We did have a small increase in price this week but they are looking awesome again!
Orange Shoulder Tang
From Hawaii and running as smaller mediums. A great fish and one of my personal longest lived!
Yellow Tang
3 for $100.00
A classic marine fish that we are doing our best to keep our prices down on. Always popular and great algae eaters!
Kole Tang
New batch of these awesome grazers as they sold out fast last week. Purple and pink with a yellow eye, awesome!
Flame Angel
One of the most requested fish, and when we do get them they go fast. Super bright and always a great supply from Christmas Island.
4 Line Wrasse
Medium $50.00
Large $60.00
All of the benefits of a sixline wrasse in a cooler package! Only from Hawaii and crazy beautiful!
Potter’s Angel
These are awesome fish only from Hawaii and rather hard to offer on special as we just don’t see many. Compare to $130.00 online!
Medium Hippo Tang
These are insanely large for the price this week! Fram Bali and looking and eating great!
XL Yellow Coris Wrasse
Another fish from Hawaii that is just too beautiful and cool to say no to! Largest we have ever seen!
Adult Emperor Angel
Always a fish that commands attention! Simply gorgeous!

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