Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach

Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach.

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WOW, this weekend we have a TON of cool stuff going on! 

We received a great coral shipment this week and we are working on making tons of frags available! Lots of cool stuff including some grow out pieces are available this week, albeit some in smaller quantities. 

We are receiving Seahorses from Pro Aquatix Friday as we have had many requests and from what we have seen they look like some great seahorses! We also have a few other critters coming from Pro Aquatix this week, another highlight being the larger Bullet Hole clowns, we are stoked to have them!

Hikari Mysis is on BOGO this weekend again! It is the first time since Irma we have been able to get enough to offer, and we have more than we ever have!

This is running late so I am going to keep it short. Have a great weekend and as always, we hope to see you!
Hikari Mysis Cubes
We are going to limit this to 4 total packs per customer. We should have enough for the whole weekend, but if we start to get low we may switch it to two packs, just a heads up.
Ultralife Phosphate Remover
25% Off
A great way to get phosphates down quickly. Very concentrated.
Algagen Live Feeds
25% Off
So fresh it is alive! An awesome shot in the arm for any reef aquarium!
Pink Palys
$5.00 Frags
Very nice and great size! Awesome price!
Orange Eye Echinata
$5.00 Frags
I think this is the first time we have ever been able to offer an Acan echinata. These are great growers!
Green Star Polyps
$5.00 Frags
A classic everyone loves! Fast growing and beautiful!
Red Goni
$10.00 Frags
Very nice color and the colony looked great! Grow quickly to start but then slow down around golfball size!
Branching Lobo
$10.00 Frags
A great lobo, especially for smaller aquariums as Lobos are usually rather large!
Halloween Chalice
$10.00 Frags
In the colors of the holiday, a great looking chalice!
Torch Coral
$10.00 Per Polyp
Great looking coral with nice greens and contrasting tips!
Super Pink Palys
Very nice and fast growers! Place them against the overflow and cover it up!
Yellow Eye Paly
Super color and awesome centers! Lots of people were asking about these.
Bonsaii Acro
A classic. Rich purple/blue with bright green.yellow polyps!
Red Planet Acro
These are really nice, sadly a little limited. Great color!
Neon Green Open Brain
Nice looking but limited, almost half price!
Pro Aquatix Yellow Clown Goby
Clown gobies are great reef fish, and everyone loves bright yellow!
Pro Aquatix Bullet Hole Clownfish
Cool clowns! We had a few this summer and everyone loved them so we thought we would try a larger batch!
Pro Aquatix Erectus Seahorse
$120.00 Pair
We have had quite a few requests. Awesome seahorses and always hardy when tank raised!
Margarita Snail
$.70 each 10+

Red Leg Hermit
$.70 each 10+

Bumble Bee Snail

Lg Nassarius Snail
Great sand sifters!
Zebra Turbo
Md-Lg $2.00
Xl $2.50
Awesome algae eaters! The best!
Great accent pieces. Grows slow, awesome for seahorses!
Sponge Deco Crabs
Nice and bright this week!
Feather Duster
Always popular and these guys look great!
TR Ocellaris Clown
Small $7.00
Medium $9.00
These are the best we get! Awesome quality and very hardy!
Firefish Goby
Great little reef fish that do ok solo or can be kept in groups!
Sand Sifting Starfish
A big help for keeping the sandbed clean!
Lg Lawnmower Blenny
These guys came in awesome size this week! Great algae eaters!
Yellow Gorgonian
Seahorse hitching posts, and a cool soft coral too!
Bangaii Cardinal
Always popular, always great quality! 
Sixline Wrasse
Great reef pickers!
Tailspot Blenny
A comical blenny, my older sons favorite fish!
Blue Linkia Starfish
Small and looking good. Some of them are mottled.
Pearly Jawfish
Awesome looking batch, great in reefs!
Pistol Shrimp
Tiger and candy available.
Mandarin Goby
Nice looking batch, we have not had these as much lately.
Great algae eaters, these guys love to eat hair algae!
Female Lyretail Anthia
A little larger than last week. Great schooling reef fish!
Social Fairy Wrasse
Another great looking batch of these awesome reef fish!
Large Diamond Goby
The most popular sand sifter in reef aquariums, these guys are good size this week!
Large Cleaner Shrimp
From Sri Lanka and looking great!
Purple Firefish
These can be mixed with regular firefish. Always popular!
Yellow Rabbitfish
Good size for the price. Great algae eaters like the foxface.
Bubble Tip Anemone
Awesome looking batch this week with some cool colors and good size!
Fire Shrimp
These have been a little scarce lately, but we got as many as we could!
Medium Foxface
Nice looking group of a very popular algae eater!
Longnose Hawk
Another animal we have not been seeing too many of. These are from Sri Lanka and look great!
Large Harlequin Shrimp
Limited, but the largest we have had all year!
Flame Angel
Nice looking batch but going pretty quick! Medium and large.
Hippo Tang
Small $45.00
Small Medium $52.00
Eating great, very limited this time of year.

Carl Eby
Fintastic Aquariums