Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach

Welcome to Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach.

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One of the most requested fish to go back on special the last couple weeks has been the Flame Angel, and we have listened and brought in an awesome looking batch! We received more than 20 this week and they are looking great! We did receive some other goodies from Hawaii and a bunch of stuff from Indonesia too!

As many of you will notice when you swing by this week, the car wash has been next to us for the last six years is now gone and they are moving quickly clearing the area for the new business moving in. Carmax has decided that the spot is just right, and we are looking forward to having a new neighbor! 

Well, it is that time of year again that parents and children dread or love, BACK TO SCHOOL! While it seems earlier and earlier each year, it is here and we all have to adjust our schedules to catch buses and shuttle little ones back and forth! Let the fun begin!!

Have a great weekend, and as always we hope to see you!
Coral Frenzy
25% Off
One of the most popular coral foods on the market! We have been using it for years and it is still one of our favorites!
Open Freezer Sale
25% Off
Your fish will love you! All frozen foods 25% off! We are overstocked but it will go fast!
Algagen Live Feeds
25% Off
So fresh it is alive! Great looking batch of phytoplankton and active PODS!
Hollywood Stunner
$5.00 Frags
A fast growing chalice that has been around for a long time! It does have a strong sting and looks great!
Neon Green Monti Cap
$5-10.00 Frags
Great looking green cap! Grows fast and has awesome shape!
Duncan Coral
$6.00 Per Polyp
Awesome LPS that grows awesome and has nice flowing tentacles!
Orange Galaxy
These have been nicer than we have ever seen them! Large polyps and great color!
Small Hammer Coral
$7.50 Per Polyp
Looking great and perfect specimens to grow!
Colt Coral
$25.00 Colonies
A great soft coral that grows large and beautiful! Easy to care for!
Small Cerith Snails
$2.00 for 10 
Great little cleaners that do an awesome job at the sand glass interface!
Astrea Snail
$5.00 for 10
The most popular grazing snail, and awesome defense against diatoms and simple algaes!
Blue Leg Hermit
$5.00 for 10
One of the best algae pickers around! Typically smaller than red legs, but a little more polite!
Margarita Snail
$7.00 for 10
Great for flipping themselves over, and overall a great grazing snail!
Red Leg Hermit
$7.00 for 10
Larger than blue legs, but a little more aggressive, great algae eaters!
Large Zebra Turbo
The best grazing snails in my opinion, they are large and do a great job even with more stubborn algae!
Peppermint Shrimp
Finally back in stock after a few weeks of being very scarce! We have a ton!
Blue Knuckle Hermit
A popular reef hermit that is usually a little larger than the blue legs and red legs, and pretty cool!
Pencil Urchin
Great grazers but not really reef safe. FOWLR is the perfect environment for these guys!
Sand Sifting Cucumber
Variable in color and great, passive, sand cleaners!
Horseshoe Crab
Great sand sifters and we have had a lot of requests in the last week!
Arrow Crab
One of the best defenses against small bristleworms, these are great little reef animals!
PJ Cardinal
A great fish to show your children how easy it is to school! 
Sand Sifting Starfish
Always popular sand sifters and reef safe! 
Yellow Watchman Goby
The most popular watchman goby, and a great little reef fish! A little larger than usual.
Mandarin Goby
Good size this week, and looking great! 
Bangaii Cardinal
One of the most popular schooling fish for the reef aquarium! Coming in Friday.
Red Fromia Starfish
These have been some of the best we have had in a long time! Good size this week too! 
Small Unicorn Tang
Something a little different! A relative of the Naso Tang we only offer once in a blue moon!
Cleaner Shrimp
Limited again this week, but the ones we have look great!
Female Lyretail Anthia
Coming in Friday by request, these are the hardiest Anthias and a great schooling fish!
Ultra Flower Anemones
Limited, but looking great! These stay put once they are happy!
Bubble Tip Anemone
These are NICE this week! Color and size, this is a great week for these!
Fire Shrimp
Limited again this week, but we like to offer the best price we always can!
Md Foxface
Great looking and solid! One of the best algae eaters!
Yellow Tang
Smalls and mediums available this week!
Kole Tang
Nice looking batch from Hawaii, and a great algae eater!
Hippo Tang
S $34.00
M $48.00
Limited in both sizes but eating and doing great!
Flame Angel
A great looking batch! Back by popular request!
Orange Back Fairy Wrasse
Awesome looking fish and not always available! A personal favorite!
Highfin Snapper
Smaller in size but looking and eating great! Cool fish that will grow large.
Tank Raised Seahorses
$100.00 Pair
A little larger than usual and looking awesome! Limited.

Carl Eby
Fintastic Aquariums