Tank Raised Corals, Hawaiian Fish Galore and Tons of Awesome Livestock!!

This week we have a great looking specials list with fish from all over the world and a lot of tank raised corals! Hawaii fish will be coming in Friday and holy cow, this is a ton of great quality fish we haven’t seen in a while! We are stoked to have yellow tangs, flame angels, Potter’s Angels, Kole tangs, 4 line wrasse, and Hawaiian puffers back in stock! We did receive some very nice Indonesian, Sri Lankan, and Haitian livestock earlier in the week and it is looking great! Our last shipment this Friday will have tons of great stuff!

As many of you know there is a ban on Indonesian corals (which account for 80% of our regular coral stock) and we have been trying to keep it interesting in their absence. We would like to ask that if you have any corals that are growing too large or would like to free up real estate for other species of corals to please call and ask about our trade-in program! We tried it at the Maryland store and it had great results! Please do not just show up with coral, but if you call ahead on Friday or Saturday we can plan on meeting with you and discuss what you have! Indonesian coral should be available soon and we have been seeing a lot of nice pictures coming from the holding facilities so why not stock up a little credit for when that beautiful livestock starts coming back in!

Have a great weekend and as always, we hope to see you!

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six line wrasse

Interstellar Mushrooms, Red Goni Frags,Reef Wrasses and Tangs!!

We hope everyone had a great Halloween! This week we have already received a great looking shipment with some perfect looking Kole Tangs, a fish we have not had in a little while, and a bunch of other goodies! We do have a large shipment coming in Friday early afternoon so added to the great looking stock we already have, we should be full of awesome livestock!

We do have a first with Interstellar mushrooms this week, and they are even nicer than we thought they would be! These are Aussie mushrooms and compared to $120.00+ per polyp online, the price is great! We are also offering Red Goniopora frags for the first time in a long time! These are Aussie as well and looking great!

Fish wise we do have a fun mix this week with some animals we do not see too often showing up, and some old standards in great supply! All locations are shipping well with the more mild temperatures so overall the selection and quality is pretty awesome right now!

Have a great weekend, and as always, we hope to see you!

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